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DIY Lighting & Effects

Planning on having a party at home or just want something a bit more simple? We offer an assortment of lighting and effects for those who would like to add some extra to their event.

Below are our current packages and costs.

Lighting Rig - £80
  • 12x 300w par cans on stands

  • 2x 300w floor par cans

Disco Lights - £30
  • 1x mirror scanner

  • 1x mirror arc scanner

  • 2x LED par cans

  • 2x Equinox Warp

Mini Heads - £40
  • 2x Innopocket Spots mini moving heads (pearl white)

  • Remote Control

Snow FX - £25
  • 1x High output snow machine

  • 1x 5 litre bottle of fluid

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